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Tanchan Draenei s
Commission of a Draenei I once drew at a rave, rekindled by my newer Photoshill skills! Fave/Comment and hit that smiley face if you like it guys! <-- starting to do videogames and maybe SFW art! (Totally slacking with this) <-- Patreon, see comic WiPs, step by step pictures and vote for your girl of the month!

Special thanks to my Patrons over at Patreon, you make my life a LOT easier with your donations, and I promise to bring you all lovely rewards! Your girl of the month, Monthly free commission for a lucky patron, exclusive sketches and alternative versions of pictures! Every dollar helps <3
Magical Machine 2014
Because sometimes, you have to draw over your old pictures you thought were great, to realise how not great they were! Wanted to see how my turd polishing skills have improved, so here it is. Here's the comparison picture

Fave/Comment/upvote on HF if you like it! I'm also totally open for COMMISSIONS, I have 1 in my queue! Yes, 1! This time last month I had 11, get them while they're fast! Email me at ! <-- starting to do videogames and maybe SFW art! <-- Patreon, see comic WiPs and vote for your girl of the month!
Twice as Piquant
A succubus!
Every month I draw a character from any vidya franchise, or anything else, really, which is determinded by you guys over at Patreon! All you have to do is donate a dollar and you can vote who you want me to draw! So far i've drawn Korra, and soon Sylvanas by the looks of things :O
You lot can vote for your favourite LoL character, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, anything!

Check it out here!

Comic is still in the works, doing page 4 now!
Ianthe the Titan (Light) by Nyuunzi
Ianthe the Titan (Light)
Commission of Ianthe, a Titan who became a shadow ascendant (see Ascendant Council!) in order to fight fire with fire on Azeroth, but was lost and imprisoned. She then returned during the events of the Burning Crusade - to get her revenge on the old gods, only to ultimately be stopped by a menagerie of Paladins and their allies.

Want to vote which girl I draw each month? Head on over to my Patreon to find out more, free commissions and a girl of your choice each month !
Click here 

As well as drawing smut, I raid "Professionally" on WoW, or at least I like to think so. Check it out if you're interested in heroic mode kill videos. Or……

Sexy Draenei.

I also have a Tumblr now.  :3

And I livestream sometimes!…

If you wish to commission me, send an E-mail to !

Commissions are ALWAYS open.

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